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Shopska Salata (Bulgarian) (D, KLP, TNT)
Source: Any restaurant in Bulgary
Serves: according to quantities

About 3 parts tomatoes, diced
About 3 parts cucumbers (Kirby pickling is nice!), peeled and diced
About 1 part green pepper, seeded and diced (For extra credit, roast/grill peppers until black, let steam in a bag or covered pan for 10 minutes, and peel first)
1/2 part onion (red/white/and/or green), diced
1 part feta cheese
Cider vinegar
Salt, pepper
Summer savory (optional)

Combine all vegetables, heap on a serving or individual salad plates in pyramid shape.

SHRED the cheese over the vegetables. If you have the cheese in a sizable hunk, you can use a hand grater. If it's in little chunks or cubes already, you can still try grating it, just be careful of your fingers! Or, you can put it through a potato ricer, or push it through a coarse sieve.

Dress with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper to taste.

For a Bulgarian touch, sprinkle with summer savory, called there "chubritsa."

Posted by Henry Goldberg

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A