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Avocado-Lox Salad (D, KLP, TNT)
Source: Local newspaper
Serves: 4

2 avocados
Lemon juice
150g lox
150g cornsalad (lamb's lettuce, according to the dictionary)
100g sour cream
Dill or chives
Salt, pepper
Toasted bread or matzos

Cut the avocados in small dices and pour lemon juice to prevent darkening. Add dill and mix.

Cut lox in strips. Mix sour cream with the dill or chives, salt and pepper in a small cup.

Place the avocado in the middle of the plate. put the lox strip around the avocado, put a teaspoon of the sour cream mix on top (if you have lox left, put it as a decoration like roses on the sour cream mix) and decorate around with the small leaves of the salad. Serve with toasted bread or matzos.

Posted by Eliane Driessen

Nutritional Info Per Serving: N/A